SIT Laboratorio Farmaceutico acquires SULMETIN from Sanofi 

SIT Laboratorio Farmaceutico (hereafter “SIT”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of established product SULMETIN from Sanofi, as a result of the agreement signed on November 8, 2022. 

The product is indicated for the treatment of Torsades de Pointes (a type of polymorphic ventricular tachycardia), magnesium supplementation in electrolyte imbalances (hypomagnesemia, acute hypokalaemia associated with hypomagnesemia), and parenteral nutrition. Other clinical uses of the drug are related to those cases of eclampsia. 

This additional acquisition in Spain market increases the SIT’s Spanish affiliate (DESMA) footprint and business. 

About SIT Laboratorio Farmaceutico

SIT Group is a family-owned international pharmaceutical company, based in Italy since 1927, and today is an international pharmaceutical group with more than 90 years of experience and a recent history of prestigious acquisitions and global expansion. SIT Group is a reliable preferred acquirer for pharma businesses choosing to divest their “mature,” “established” or “tail” off-patent branded medicines. 

In its manufacturing plants, SIT continue the high-quality manufacturing and management of the medicines, aspiring to breathe new life into medicines, investing in them to renew the lifecycle and give new stability and sustainability over the long-term. For more information please visit